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This solar screen install on an Austin home is an example of Affordable Screens' work. These solar screens are 90% SunTex brown on the upper arched windows, and 80% SunTex brown on the viewing windows. The product we use is manufactured by Phifer. The homeowner selected this type of window screen because the windows of his home experience full sun during parts of the day despite the shade tree in his yard and he wanted daytime privacy. Free Solar Screen Estimate Request

SunTex solar screens in 80 / 90

SunTex 80 / 90 Solar Screens

Solar Screen Savings

With Austin's amount of sunlight these types of solar screens make sense for homeowners wishing to save on their electricity bill. They work so well Austin Energy offers a rebate for commercial and multi-family solar screen installation.

Solar screens work by shading your home from the heat of the sun. The heat doesn't reach your window and instead dissipates into the air. This works because air is a great insulator. The gap between your screen and window insulates the windows from receiving the heat collected / reflected by the solar screen.

Solar Screens Shade

Everyone in Texas knows a shady spot is necessary on those hot summer days. Giving your house shade can save you up to 30% on the summertime cooling bill.

With solar screens you control the sun's heat entering your home and save on summertime cooling costs. Solar screens come in type 70%, type 80%, type 90% and even a 95%, allowing people to choose the amount of shading they desire.

These screens also come in many different colors, this homeowner has brown. We talk more about window screen types and the available colors plus the technology behind the solar mesh products we have available here:

Austin Screen Installation Example: Solar mesh product properties

Window screens like these 80% solar mesh and 90% screens seen in this installation not only provide shade, they also add privacy and security. Without a window shade or privacy screen, people driving by catch glimpses of your living room, your valuables, and your family inside your home. In this particular Austin home the homeowner kept the blinds closed nearly all of the time. With the new solar screens daytime shading and privacy are assured and he can open his windows to the view.

Solar Screen Colors - Request Sample

solar screen material options

Solar Screen Material Options

Often people are interested in viewing the solar mesh material in person. If you would like a free sample of the solar screen material and are in our service area please fill out the form below and we will mail you a complimentary sample of each color to hold and view.

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Solar Screening Protects & Provides View

Many people add blinds or curtains to block the excessive sunlight and block the public's view of the interior of their home, however this has the double effect of preventing them from seeing out.

Solar Window Screens Open Your Home

Who hasn't been surprised by a doorbell ring mid-day with no prior knowledge of who just walked up the sidewalk, or through your yard because you couldn't see out due to the shades being drawn?

With solar window screens you can open your shades and bring the outside in while preserving daytime privacy. The time and money spent landscaping the front yard can be enjoyed from within. Solar screens also reduce daytime glare and UV infiltration into the home that fade paintings, pictures, paint and carpet. We invest quite a bit in our landscaping yet the only time we see it is when we are outside.  Those halcyon days when people sat on their porches in the evening greeting the neighbors as they walked the dog aren't the norm any longer. Often when driving through the neighborhood there isn't see a single person outside, and blinds and curtains once installed often stay closed.

before solar window screen installation

BEFORE the solar window screens were installed blinds were kept closed

Closed Shades and Curtains Close Off View

Solar window screens allow you to open up your home and let the outside in. Closed blinds and curtains may keep it a bit cooler and preserve our privacy yet they  keep us from enjoying our own yards and view, close the house making it feel smaller, dim and dark.

Plant roses in front of your windows, open your blinds, enjoy the sunshine with solar window screens.

Austin Solar Window Screen Example

The recent Austin window screen project pictured on this page illustrates how this type of screening product,  suntex90%,  adds a level of safety and security to your home by screening your interior from public eye, yet allowing a view through the transparent screen product to enjoy the landscaped yard and blue Texas skies.

Details: This Austin area home is done in Suntex Brown. The circle window is a 90% solar window screen and the large square windows were 80% solar window screens also in Suntex Brown. The arches above them are 90% solar window screens to prevent the glare from the afternoon sun from penetrating.

In the before picture of this solar window screen project in Austin, note how the blinds were closed before the solar window screen installation as we approach the house, preserving homeowner privacy yet preventing any view. Now the home owner has a front yard view, can open her blinds without losing privacy and let the sunshine in without glare.

In the last image of our solar window screen install (below and to the right) is an example of the  custom window screen crafted for the round window that allows in the amount of light wanted, without the glare.

custom window screen

Custom solar window screen created for round window on Austin TX house

Solar Window Screens for Privacy and More

Solar window screens aren't just privacy screens they have other advantages although privacy and views are certainly a large benefit, they also lower the high summer air conditioning bills, plus prevent UV fading and distracting glare from entering your home.

For  a full explanation of the benefits of solar window screens, and an explanation solar screen benefit plus a wide selection of solar window screens examples please see the solar window screen page or give us a call (512-358-1560) and set up a free onsite consultation and we'll bring our samples to you.

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Product details:

SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window.
Brand: Suntex
Manufacturer: Phifer
Model: 80
Product ID: 3007926
SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window.
Brand: Suntex
Manufacturer: Phifer
Model: 90
Product ID: 3025984

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