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Whether it’s a fogged window or window bead repair, shower glass, or multi-family apartments services. We’ve got Austin and the surrounding area covered with professional, full service, window repair and glazing specialists who come to you at no obligation. Affordable Screens & Glass is the clear choice for window repairs.

Emergency Window Repair
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  • Fogged glass repair
  • Custom window frame replacements and repair
  • Patio door frame repair or replace
  • Closet door repair and Closet door mirrors, hardware
  • Window bead and sash repairs


  • All types of window and door glass and repair specialization
  • Shower doors and bath enclosures
  • Safety glass
  • Specialty glass
  • Safety mirrors
  • Beveled mirror and trim
  • Custom wall mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Closet door mirrors
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We specialize in locating hard to find window and door parts hardware. Custom repair solutions for windows, doors and patio doors before considering replacement. 

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Window Information

Fogged Window Info

Fogged glass occurs when condensation builds inside windows as the air between the panes cools and heats throughout the cycle of day and night. Windows that accumulate more heat throughout the day are more likely to fail faster. This is why we commonly see windows fail on the western or southern exposures. Read more about foggy glass windows and how they may be prevented.


Windows to Repair or to Replace

Just like any other part of a house, windows require maintenance and repair and sometimes even replacing if the damage is too great. Windows that show spotty damage are generally replaceable while windows with damage throughout are not.


Window Maintenance = Energy Dollar Savings

Windows are the weakest point in the home and the main source of heat gain and loss. Double pane windows, maintaining seals and correcting issues, plus adding solar screens or sun shades adds savings year round. Read more about the principles behind saving energy.


Double Pane Windows – Why are they Important?

Adding double pane windows puts space (air or other gasses) between the outside and the inside of your home or business. This space helps prevent energy transfer from the interior to the outside; adding up to summertime AC and winter heating bill savings. Adding solar screens insulates windows too and is especially important for Austin and the surrounding areas. Solar screens are the most cost effective method to save energy dollars in our southern clime. Read more about windows from The Department of Energy.


Planned Obsolescence and Part Availability

Often we can find parts for older windows. There are some cases due to the myriad types of window models changing throughout the years, where a window may require replacement due to lack of repair parts availability. Planned obsolescence, or the manufacturer no longer being in business, may make it impossible to locate a random, very necessary, replacement part. Read more about obsolescence on the wiki.


How to Choose Windows

This site provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions
of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use. Information such as, a window selection tool, the selection process, design guidance and installation are all available. Read more about choosing windows with this informative guide.


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