Solar Screens in Round Rock, Texas

On this page are examples of solar screen work performed in Round Rock, Texas. You can scroll down to check out our work, of if you are interested in a free sample of the solar screen material to decide what’s right for your home fill out the form in the next section.

This home in Round Rock faces West and catches lovely sunset views because it faces a park, along with all of the summer heat that accompanies our Texas location. Heat that seeped right into the home through the weak point, the windows. That is until a new solar mesh was installed into the window screens.

Suntex solar mesh installed

Suntex solar mesh installed

Managing sunlight in Round Rock – Type: Phifer’s Suntex 90% Exterior Screening
White Brick Home Facing West

We installed a Suntex 90% screening product in the window screens for these Westward facing windows to protect the home from harmful UV rays and heat energy. The previous standard window screens kept the insects out but not the heat and too much radiant energy was entering the home.

Suntex 90 solar mesh absorbs and dissipates the heat at the point of impact, the screen, rather than allowing the heat to reach the window, where it would leach into the home.

With new solar screens this home has lower indoor temperatures, more efficient air conditioning and energy savings.

Window screens with the solar mesh fabric also act as insect screens so opening the windows is no problem.

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Solar Screens on West Facing Round Rock White Brick with the 90% Phifer SunTex

 Choosing the right solar screens in Round Rock

solar screen material options

Solar Screen Material Options

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Solar screening on house with Southern exposure Round Rock, Texas utilizing Phifer Suntex 90% solar mesh materials

This home facing South in Round Rock Texas collects quite a bit of sun daily. The upstairs was especially hot in this second two story example from Round Rock.

Details: Suntex 90% Solar Screens, Two story Round Rock Red Brick Home

Sunlight hits solar window screens

Sun hits solar screens

The Southern exposure is especially vulnerable to the sun’s heat in our area of the United States.

With a Southern exposure the sun hits the home throughout the daylight hours. With more sun, comes more heat. More heat causes the home to heat up especially in summer months.

With the Texas summer sun gathering on the house throughout the day the air conditioning  struggles to keep the home at an even temperature.

This two story house has the additional vulnerability of the upper stories catching the majority of the sunlight unshaded by any natural objects like the tree at right due to the location of the garage.

With the new solar screening the homeowner experienced cooler rooms, an easing on his electric bill in the summer and the curb appeal of the solar screens.

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Gallery of Red Brick Round Rock Two Story Solar Window Screens Installation

Looking Through New Solar Mesh Window Screens

We often hear how someone has told a caller they shouldn’t get energy efficient screens because the view will be obstructed by the solar window mesh.

This is simply not true because you choose the screen to manage the sunlight you would like to receive and if you’ve got your blinds or drapes shut you don’t have a view.

Video: View Through Different Exterior Solar Screening Products

This video by the solar mesh screening product manufacturer of Suntex, Phifer, explains exterior shading options with solar mesh and the different views through the weave options available today.

 I’ve got my blinds open! I’ve got my windows back!

More Exterior Sun Screening Jobs – Round Rock

The jobs below are a few of the exterior window screening jobs that we have taken pictures of throughout our work in the Round Rock area. Below you can investigate the different styles of homes and see if you think that your home might look with new screening products designed to prevent heat buildup and glare.

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