Solar Screens Austin Tx Install

This is an Austin installation of solar mesh window screens. These exterior screens are Phifer’s Suntex 80% and a 90% solar mesh (darker at top, lighter at bottom) in brown. The homeowner selected this type of window screen because (as you can see in the image below) some windows of his home experience full sun despite the shade tree in his yard.


Austin Screen Installation Example

solar window screens on home in Austin Tx

Suntex Solar screens on Austin Home

With Austin’s amount of sunlight these types of solar screens make sense for homeowners wishing to save on their summertime air conditioning bill.  The solar mesh exterior screens come in type 70%, type 80%, and type 90% allowing people to choose the amount of shading they desire. These screens also come in many different colors, this homeowner has brown. We talk more about window screen types and the  colors plus the technology behind the solar mesh products  available, here:


Solar mesh  properties

This type of window screen cuts down on the amount of solar energy that is allowed into the home. Window screens like these 80% solar mesh and 90% screens seen in this installation also add privacy and security. Without a privacy screen, people driving by catch glimpses of your living room, your valuables, and your family inside your home. In this particular Austin home the homeowner kept the blinds closed nearly all of the time.

solar screen material options

Solar Screen Material Options

Which solar screen material is best?

Request a free solar screen sample and feel the material, compare the view through each sample and choose the color that suits your style.


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Solar Screening Protects & Provides View

Solar  screens add privacy and security to your home plus preserve your view.  When using this mesh for your window screens you are still protected from insects and can open your windows to enjoy the breeze.

Many people add blinds or curtains to block the public’s view of the interior of their home, however this has the double effect of preventing them from seeing out. How can you enjoy your view with your blinds closed?

Shading with exterior solar mesh for window screens

With these sun shading window screens you can enjoy the warm Austin light, yet keep your private life inside your home, private.

solar window screens on home in Austin Tx

Solar window screens add privacy to home in Austin, TX and allow homeowner to open blinds, enjoy view

Who hasn’t been surprised by a doorbell ring mid-day with no prior knowledge of who just walked up the sidewalk, or through your yard.? Leave your blinds open, enjoy the view of your yard and enjoy daytime privacy.

Solar Screens Open Your Home

roses through solar screen

Enjoy your roses

Solar screens you can open your home and bring the outside in while preserving daytime privacy.

The time and money spent landscaping the front yard can be enjoyed from within.

We invest quite a bit in our landscaping yet the only time we see it is when we are outside.

Those halcyon days when people sat on their porches in the evening greeting the neighbors as they walked the dog aren’t the norm any longer.

Often when driving through the neighborhood there isn’t  a single person outside, and blinds and curtains once installed often stay closed denying us our warm Austin sunshine and keeping our homes dim and dark albeit cooler as well.

before solar window screen installation

BEFORE the solar window screens were installed blinds were kept closed

Closed Blinds and Curtains Close Off View

Closed blinds and curtains may preserve our privacy yet they  keep us from enjoying our own yards and view, close the house making it feel smaller, dim and dark.  Solar  screens allow you to open up your home and let the outside in.

Plant roses in front of your windows, open your blinds, enjoy the sunshine with solar window screens.

Austin Solar Screen Example

The recent Austin window screen project pictured on this page illustrates how solar screens add a level of safety and security to your home by screening your interior from public eye, yet allow the homeowner to open her blinds, and enjoy her beautiful front yard and view.

Details: This Austin area home is done in Suntex Brown. The circle window is a 90% solar window screen and the large square windows were 80% solar window screens also in Suntex Brown. The arches above them are 90% solar window screens to prevent the glare from the afternoon sun from penetrating.

In the before picture of this solar window screen project in Austin, note how the blinds were closed before the solar window screen installation as we approach the house, preserving homeowner privacy yet preventing any view. Now the home owner has a front yard view, can open her blinds without losing privacy and let the sunshine in without glare.

In the last image of our solar window screen install (below and to the right) is an example of the  custom window screen crafted for the round window that allows in the amount of light wanted, without the glare.

custom window screen

Custom solar window screen created for round window on Austin TX house

Solar Screens for Privacy and More

Solar screens aren’t just privacy screens they have other advantages although privacy and views are certainly a large benefit, they also lower the high summer air conditioning bills, plus prevent UV fading and distracting glare from entering your home.

For  a full explanation of the benefits of solar window screens,  plus a wide selection of solar window screens examples please see the solar screen section of our website or give us a call (512-358-1560) and set up a free onsite consultation and we’ll bring our samples to you.

Questions? Call 512-358-1560 or use our contact form

Solar screen products and services in the Austin area are our specialty. Your window is your view and with our solar screen window services we can take your window and make it into a solar window. A solar window that will collect the Texas heat and turn it away from your home. Windows that screen the glaring sun and Austin area heat away will reduce your summer electric bill.

If you are looking into new window screens in Austin, Texas, and would like to experience what Texas solar shading can do for you call us for a free estimate. We do not make you pay for your free estimate or work for it.

Simply call 512-358-1560.

Solar Screen – Our Work Video

Here is a video that shows  Affordable Screens solar window screen local installations:

The solar screen pictures in the video above were all services performed by Affordable Screens & Glass in the Austin, Texas metro area. Whether your house is frame or brick, or you want to have your patio enclosed to make a cozy hideaway in Georgetown our solar services are for any type of house.

Custom Solar Screen Service – Hand Crafted

putting up a solar screen

Solar screen patio installation in Austin Texas

Affordable Screens & Glass performs all installations by hand, with no subcontracting. The solar fabric that we use is a  screen fabric designed to catch the sun’s heat at the point of impact, the screen. Affordable Screens crafts solar screens all over the metro area and as far North as Round Rock, Georgetown and beyond.

We are affordable screens because when you order our screens it is just us,  with no large company behind us where we have to pay for infrastructure. Affordable screens is a man with the skills to make and service screens. Customers like yourself who are investigating new screens will find that our low price guarantee and quality workmanship plus our willingness to put in the extra effert to gain your service make Affordable Screens & Glass easy to work with along with a good value.

You can’t beat the shade you will get or the ease with which you will get your estimate with no measuring the window frame or forms to fill out AND a free estimate.

Just call Affordable Screens & Glass and we come out to do the work for you.512-358-1560

If you have questions regarding screens and the types available, feel free to write us or call us. We are happy to share our screening experience with you. We also service Pflugerville, Round Rock, Mano, Hutto, Cedar Park, Leander, Lakeway, Kyle and Buda.  Basically if you’re near to Austin we would love to have you call and let us know what you need. The opportunity to give you the estimate is all we ask, as our feedback and reviews speak for themselves. We guarantee our quality and value.  We install solar screens made by hand, custom, for your windows. We are your quality area installer with the solar answers that save you money at an affordable price. The video you watched is what solar window screens installed in Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Hutto look like too.

Solar screens work

Solar screens are the strongest method to beat the Texas heat and have a cooler home. We stop the Texas heat with solar reflecting / absorbing screens. Your solar investment will pay off in lower air conditioning bills.  Below are some pictures where customers have had their windows serviced with new affordable screens.

Click the pictures to see larger images of the solar screen installations.

We perform services in Kyle, Buda, Bee Caves, and Austin, to start your order with Affordable Screens simply call 512-358-1560 or set up an appointment online through the contact form. Common questions and answers to installation questions for new screens can be found on our solar window screen page. You will find that shading your windows with these lasting screens and our quality guarantee will beat your high summer electric bill with minimal up front effort.

We help you get the version of solar screening that you prefer, so that your Austin solar comfort is assured. The best screen pricing is our guarantee with the best quality crafted by hand.  We use the high quality longest lasting Suntex mesh. Suntex solar screens come in a variety of colors to match any house. Solar screens come in brown, beige, black and bronze. Simply call us out to take your measurements and we will have your solar screen estimate on the spot.

We use the best quality solar screen material

These Suntex screens are made by Phifer who originally invented the screening material for outdoor furniture so you know that it has the quality to last and last and it will make your house much, much cooler. You won’t have to work hard with our easy price estimate because we do all of the work and guarantee the quality of our build. This video shows the different samples of solar Suntex screens that you could have in place on your home along with highlighting the benefits of solar screens to stop the heat.

Solar screens can be matched to the frame of the window screen, we have different color frames available so that a brown screen can match and highlight the brown frame of your window screen or a beige screen can highlight the white frame or the white brick of your home. We have been working with the window solar mesh fabric for years and can help you choose the best product for your particular setting. Using these screens means you will be getting all the properties of normal screens and beyond. For instance the solar screening products also keep out insects, they are hail resistant, resistant to mold and easy to clean. This investment for your home will help to reduce your electric bill and the glare and heat inside your home. The electric bills reduction will pay for the screen upgrade over time and the difference in your room temperatures will quickly be apparent. Cooler room temperatures will occur whether you have your blinds and shades closed or not. In fact solar screens will allow you to open your windows to the outside while still shading your home from heat and glare. Your Austin window view will be increased because the screens allow you the privacy  and let you choose what amount of light you would like to have come into your house while preventing the heat.

Take a look at our coupons page for savings on solar screens, no need to print out the coupons just let us know or show us the page when we are out for your free estimate and the discount will be applied to your solar screen installation.

Affordable Screens & Glass solar screen installations offer you the benefit of knowing that you have the highest quality solar mesh material shading your windows that is custom made by hand at the lowest price. We service both residential and commercial customers.

How we work

The way that Affordable Screens works is that we first talk to you about your exterior solar shading needs. Affordable Screens comes to you at no charge so starting your estimate is as easy as a phone call. We will measure your windows and provide the onsite free estimate for the work. If you decide to go ahead we will custom make the screens out of the highest quality screen material and then set up an installation date with you. We can work via email or over the telephone however you prefer and we don’t necessarily need you on site to do the estimate, we can come to your home and measure your windows all without you if that is easier. The screen estimate will then be sent to you. If you have questions and would like to have a consultation just call and we can set that up too. Once you agree that you would like to have the installation we take a deposit and start crafting the screens. Every window screen we make is custom made for your home by hand with the highest grade solar mesh fabric.

Whether your screen order is in Round Rock or Hutto, Leander or Georgetown out in Lakeway or South to Buda we will not charge you for the estimate. We even provide service in Dripping Springs. Affordable Screens & Glass are the most affordable, highest quality, strongest solar screen option in the Austin area with the easiest method of ordering and with no work for you and a low price guarantee. Call the other guys, call us, let us show you how we can hand craft the custom solar window screens built just for you.

Review the five solar screen color options on our solar screens page or find out more about the technology behind solar screens before placing your order here:

We always carry extra solar screen mesh

If you would like to see the screens first hand and feel the material we can provide you with samples of the materials. We are always stocked with solar screen mesh and are happy to provide you with a sample or service a screen on site if you just need a minor repair to a previous install.

If you need to be fit in for solar screen service just call or email and we will fit you into our workday. Our main duties are solar screens and because we are the Affordable screen option many people call on us to take care of their installation or service. We have been working in Austin and the surrounding areas since 2008 servicing screens. With Affordable Screens & Glass your screens, solar or not, will be in the hands of experts.

The best price, with the best solar screen installation you’ll find with a free onsite estimate from Leander to Dripping Springs, Lakeway or Kyle, Manor or out in Liberty Hill we will bring our knowledge and expertise to your install.

Solar screens also work with any kind of house. Our screens clip on so whether your house is frame or stucco, brick or rock solar screens will work for you. Our Austin area services provide solar screen service for all of the area for all kinds of houses experiencing Texas sized heat.

The solar screen cool difference – you’ll feel it immediately

Once the screens are installed you’ll find that you can touch your windows in the heat of the day. The difference is amazing with solar screens. Rooms that heated up from the penetration of the solar rays of the sun will be much cooler. Solar screens are like having a tree right outside your window, only it doesn’t take 30 years to grow. These screens are the best option for existing windows for beating the heat and will significantly lower your air conditioning and prevent the direct rays of the sun from penetrating into your windows. Simply the best window screen installation pricing too, with our low price guarantee, which applies for all areas of the metro area including Kyle and Manor or your Austin, Texas home.

If you want to have a difference in your electric bills this summer then exterior solar screens are the best option and they will make a difference inside your home. Watch this video that shows the difference in heat energy with solar screens applied to windows.

Affordable Screens & Glass has strict quality guidelines because our screens are entirely built by hand. Your screens total price will be less with Affordable Screens because we are a small business that is lean without a lot of overhead. If you have an estimate from another solar screen service company get our estimate too, as it will protect you from over priced screens of the same quality. We make it very easy to work with us, we measure your windows for the screens, we come to you, and we guarantee our price and quality. 512-358-1560

Affordable Screens & Glass gets most of our customers from word of mouth because we truly are affordable with quality workmanship. Customers who move to new homes call us back and have us custom make their new screens, because they know that they will get the best solar fabric, the best installation pricing and the best quality for their home. Whether it is a special window or an arched window, round or square we can make screens to fit. Affordable Screens also has coupons available this month 2014: Click the Coupons link to take a look at the cost savings for your screen materials this month. Your hand made solar screens crafted with the best solar materials available that last and last for your home are easy to and at the right price this month.

All of the windows in your home can be covered with the solar shading fabric and we provide the lowest pricing with a free estimate. Your total pricing won’t involve you climbing ladders or measuring. We will come to you for your estimate and answer any questions you need or you can read our handy Screen FAQ located at the bottom of the page.  Find out what others have asked, and have had answered regarding a solar screen installation.

We can also perform a solar screen installation with any combination of solar screens. Often those windows that are hardest hit by the sun will have a higher solar energy blocking percentage. For instance on this Austin installation pictured below we have installed 90% screening on the smaller windows at the top and 80% screening on the large picture windows that look out over the yard.

Control Solar Heat and Glare

solar screens multi densitiy example AustinChoosing your solar density will determine how much heat is allowed in. The denser the solar screen the more light is kept away from your windows too. The lighter the solar fabric the more visible light will be let into your home. The darker the solar fabric the more solar energy will be absorbed and the easier it is to see out of. Whatever you are looking for in your solar screens, invite us out to show you the product lines we have available with no sales pressure and let us measure your windows for your free estimate. Above on the navigation bar are available other solar screen installations that we have performed in the Austin area.

Or, take a look at some of the videos available on our solar screen page and within the different example pages to understand all of the properties of our solar screens.

Solar Screens Work On Any House

Brick or stucco, black screens or beige we have all of the products that will fit your commercial or home buildings for new hand crafted custom made screening at the best pricing. We install many solar screens in the area using heavy duty aluminum framing with the mesh materials that can be matched to your home.

Free consultation, no measuring, affordable quality solar screens

Affordable Screens & Glass can help you choose the best screens to beat the heat for your home or business without a sales pitch or pushy emails. Customers who come to us for their installations get thorough solar screen industry knowledge and a completed job without the bother of doing the work themselves. We don’t require anyone to measure their own screens and we perform the onsite estimate and consultation. All of your new screens will be assembled and hand crafted and Affordable Screens will perform the installation.  From when you call us out onsite for the free consultation to the end of your solar screen project we will help you choose the best products for your situation and you will know that it is Affordable Screens who onsite from beginning to end with your job.

Call 512-358-1560 or schedule an appointment online