Solar Screen Job Example in Cedar Park

This is an example of our solar screen services on a home in Cedar Park, Texas just north of Austin with 90% Phifer Suntex solar screen fabric used for the window screens in dark bronze.

Solar  Screen – Cedar Park

Solar screen mesh is seen more often in the Cedar Park area. Why are people choosing solar screen fabrics as their screening material? Certainly new solar screens on your windows improve the curb appeal of your home and like standard window screens, solar window screens keep out bugs however, the solar screen has a very practical application, it cools your home and saves on summertime electric bills.

Which solar screen material is best?

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Street view new solar screens in Cedar Park

Solar screens Cedar Park

Solar screens Cedar Park

Fill Your Home With Light

We have 300 sun filled days in the Cedar Park area and the heat and glare penetrates through our windows making us uncomfortable and hot. So uncomfortable that we end up installing shades and blinds, leaving windows closed off throughout the day to protect ourselves from the heat and glare of the sun’s energy.

Solar screening products mitigate the sun’s solar energy. You choose the amount of the sun’s heat and light you would like to allow into your windows and into your rooms. The solar screen sits away from your window catching the solar energy of the sun allowing it to dissipate outside your home. Therefore, the solar screen saves money on summer cooling costs. The solar screen operates the same as a normal screen, except the mesh weave reflects and absorbs the solar energy thus shading your window.

Solar Screens Let You Open Your View

Often the beautiful windows are what attracts us initially to the home. Then we close off the view due to the heat. Some critics claim that solar screens are difficult to see out of. First, there are different levels of mesh screening. You, the homeowner opt for the density of the solar screening mesh you would like on your windows. The darker solar screens are easier to see out of and provide more privacy, while the  lighter screens are harder to see out of but let more light to your home. This variety of density and color lets you choose the amount of light to allow in, the amount of heat to reflect or absorb, and the particular density for your viewing preference.

solar window screens cedar park texas

Solar window screens example in Cedar Park Texas

Solar screens:

  • Block harmful UV rays
  • Reduce inside temperatures
  • Energy savings
  • Add Privacy
  • Reduce Glare
  • Allow view enjoyment
  • Increase curb appeal

90% Phifer Suntex Solar Screen

These 90% Phifer Suntex solar screens on the home example pictured at right are so named because they block 90% of the sun’s UV rays, before they reach your windows.  80% Phifer Suntex solar screens block 80% of the sun’s harmful rays, 70% Phifer Suntex solar window screens block 70% of the sun’s UV etc…

Not only does blocking UV rays prevent fading of the items within your home these solar screens reduce inside temperatures and that is a significant energy saver and will save money on high summertime energy bills.  For homes  in our area this is an important feature as Cedar Park and Austin both receive around 300 days of sunshine per year.

Video Demonstration of the Different Sun Control Screens

Solar screens do not conduct heat to your window

The Cedar Park area does get a lot of heat. These solar window screens do not rest against the windows themselves so they do not transfer the accumulated daytime heat of our Texas sun. One has only to think about putting your hand to something that has sat in the sun all day in Austin to understand what it means when those screens are blocking it from reaching your windows.

I just wanted to say thank you. I have been enjoying my solar screens for a week now. I had my doubts, but they are doing everything you said they would; the difference was immediate. It’s nice to watch TV with my blinds open. I’ll recommend Affordable Screens & Glass to all my friends and neighbors.

Mike Anderson

The solar screen opens your windows to your view

Plus, these window screens also block the view from the outside to the in, adding privacy during daylight hours, however you can still see out.  In fact your view just got better because with solar  screens you can keep your drapes and blinds open yet block the glare of the incoming harsh Texas sun.

solar window screens steet view

Street view – solar window screens

Much like sun glasses or a cool shade tree, adding a solar screen on your windows allows you to enjoy the light at the level you choose.

The solar screen fabric is available in five colors and different density of shading percentages and during our free on-site consultation we can help you if you have any questions regarding the right screen for your home.

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