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Solar screens address the issue that our windows are the most vulnerable source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Solar screens insulate windows and help keep the cool outside and the heat in. As winter approaches we experience great variations in temperatures. Solar screens help homeowners save by insulating windows any time of year, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter benefit from insulating solar screens.

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Solar Screen Gallery

Solar screens reduce heat transfer and insulate your windows with a layer of air.

thermal image of house

Thermal image of windows showing heat transfer - Windows are the largest weak point in your energy dollar.

Solar screens help protect windows, the major source heat transfer in winter and summer, and lower electric bills all year round. We specialize in solar screens and exterior or interior solar mesh products designed to reduce energy bills year round. Affordable Screens & Glass is insured for your protection.

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People Choose Affordable Screens & Glass Because:

I guarantee low pricing and quality. Some state only they can provide the quality to satisfy your needs. I guarantee my quality will meet or exceed any installer AND I guarantee my low price, PLUS back it up with a free estimate. Call for a free onsite evaluation. 512-358-1560
solar screen color options

Solar screen color options

Solar Screen Colors

Solar screens are available in a variety of colors: brown, black, gray, stucco, beige and dark bronze.

Choosing Solar Screening Materials

Not sure which solar screen fabric to choose? Handling the screen material in person can help. We will send you a free sample. Or, call us and schedule your free, onsite, evaluation: 512-358-1560

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Solar Screens Reduce Summer Heat & Winter Cold

At right this diagram illustrates the heat reduction realized when installing solar screens. Note that the percentage of the solar screen weave you choose, is the percentage of BTU's turned aside before reaching your windows.
Illustrated explanation: solar screens, insulated glass technology by SUNTEX

Solar screens, insulated glass technology illustrated explanation by SUNTEX

Installing solar screens is the best thing you can do to an existing window to reduce cooling bills and provides insulation for winter weather.

  • With Suntex 70% solar screen, 70% of the sun's BTU energy is turned away
  • With the Suntex 80% solar screen, the number of BTU's turned aside is 80%
  • With the Suntex 90% solar screen, the number of BTU's turned aside is 90%.

Solar Screens: Reduce Thermal Heat Transfer

Thermal heat transfer is the flow of heat energy from a higher temperature object to a lower temperature object. Thermal heat transfer ALWAYS continues until the two objects have reached the same temperature. This is called thermal equilibrium. Solar window screens reduce the heat energy transferred via convection in both winter and summer. Heat loss is reduced in winter, and heat gain is reduced in summer.

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How do Solar Screens Work?

Solar film versus solar screen

Solar Film versus Solar Screen

Solar screens are an exterior shading, and insulating product. Solar window screens reduce thermal (heat) transfer from your home to the outside in winter and prevent the sun's energy which is dispersed by the air around the screen before reaching your windows, in summer. This is important because shading the window is the best way to prevent heat transfer from the sun to the interior of your home for summer heated room relief. Providing shade to the sunny side of the house can effect electricity bills for most of the year in Austin and present dramatic savings.

Why Are Solar Screens Better Than Solar Films?

Solar films collect the sun's light and heat energy just like the solar screen. Solar films reflect some of the sun's energy and prevent it from reaching into your home but, as the solar film rests against your window it conducts the heat energy it collects to the window via thermal transfer.  The solar screen has a different approach, shading your window and leaving a gap of air (gas) that protects your window from transferring thermal energy. This same gap is what helps to insulate your windows in winter.

Conduction vs Convection

Conduction is the flow of heat through solids. Convection is the flow of heat through gas or liquids. Liquids and gases are not very good conductors of heat. Liquids and gases are so bad at transferring heat they are considered thermal insulators.

The Solar Screen Keeps Heat & Cold Outside

Because air (gas) resides between your window and the screen and the solar screen does not touch your window this reduces the thermal transfer of heat to or from your home and is how solar screens insulate as well as shade the home. On hot sunny days, which is the majority of the year in Austin, solar window screens intercept the energy from the sun with screen mesh properties. The percentage of screening and the color you choose is also a determining factor in efficiency. The darker the color of the solar screen, the more heat absorption and the easier it is to see through. The lighter the color, the more heat reflection and the more difficult to see through.

Solar Screen Question:

Do solar screens impede my view? Gallery of images that showing the solar screen view: We offer custom built solar screens at discount prices, with guaranteed quality and we're insured for your protection. Call for an onsite evaluation and your FREE ESTIMATE of your screening needs.

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Solar Screens Installed: Local Examples


Solar screen benefits:

There are many benefits to our Discount Priced Solar Screens
  • Block up to 65%,70%,80%, and 90% of the suns heat
  • Save up to 25% on you energy bill
  • Increased daytime privacy,  excellent outward visibility
  • Raise property value
  • Prevent solar fade to your furniture and carpet
  • Cut down harmful UV sun rays
  • Reduces glare
  • Blocks the heat but not the view
  • Pet Resistant
  • Stops insects
  • Extremely durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Reduces dust buildup
  • Extends air conditioner life
  • Recommended by Austin Energy, Department of Energy, and City Housing Authority

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why solar screens and not window tint? A - Solar Screens are mounted over the exterior of your windows therefore stopping the suns heat and UV index before it enters your home. Window tint is placed on the inside of the glass and reflects the sun's solar energy and heat after it has already passed through the window. As the film sends the heat through your window glass, your glass heats with the film. This allows the interior of your home to heat from the collected heat on the glass, plus the reflected heat travels back through the pane of glass causing it to to actually remain hotter than it would without the tint. This can lead to premature insulated glass failure fogging up, condensation between the two panes, seal failure, and has led to a cracked inner pane of glass. Window manufacturers will void the warranty of windows with window tint/film installed because of this. Q - Are solar screens removable? A - Yes! Our solar screens can be removed for cleaning and maintenance when needed. Most Solar Screens are installed with tension springs on the top or in some cases fixed to the window with cast aluminum (Never Plastic!) clips. When screens are installed with our cast aluminum clips a simple turn of the clips and the screen comes right off. There are some extreme cases where a screen is hard to access because of a steep roof, very high off the ground, or other obstructions. Q - Will solar screens save money on heating and cooling cost? A - Absolutely! Our Solar Screens will shade the interior of your home by covering all exterior windows. By doing so your air conditioner will not need to run as often or as long to cool the home to your desired temperature. Q - How much money can i expect to save? A - There is not a set amount of money every home will save with solar screens. While every home can benefit from the installation of solar screens there are to many variables to label this question with an exact answer. Homes built with multiple east and west facing windows or homes with little or no shade trees will notice a larger amount of money saved verses a home with no east or west facing windows and several large trees on surrounding the home. Q - If I move can I take my Solar Screens with me? A - No. Our Solar Screens are custom made to fit each and every window of your home. This is how we get the best look, fit, and energy efficiency out of our Solar Screens. Q - Is there a warranty on your Solar Screens? A - Yes. The manufacturer Phifer gives a 10 year warranty against fading. Affordable Screens & Glass warrants the installation of our Solar Screens for 3 years from the date of install. This warranty will cover the installation of the screens. It will not cover damaged brought on by abuse, neglect, or act of nature. Q - Are your discount Solar Screens really the best price? A- Yes. At Affordable Screens & Glass we really do sell ONLY the best for less. We understand Solar Screens are an investment you are putting in your home. We do not discourage people from shopping around. We provide a NO COST IN HOME CONSULTATION. Q - How are you able to offer such deep discounts on your Solar Screens? A - We are a smaller company with fewer employees and less overhead than our much larger competitors. This enables us to sell better quality screens for less. Q - Are your Screens really the best quality? A - Yes. We use only the best Screen Mesh Available Phifer.  Our frames are all constructed of heavy duty aluminum. We use a 3/4" frame on our standard insect screens and a 1" frame for all solar screens. We pay particular attention to detail on each and every install we do. We use only cast aluminum clips and solid metal internal corners. Never plastic clips and corners I have seen others use. Q - Can you install Solar Screens in applications other than standard windows? A - Yes. We can make a custom Solar Screen to cover any window or door. Q - Are Solar Screen exclusive to residential homes? A - No. Our Solar Screens can be installed anywhere. Commercial Buildings, Retail Centers, Apartments, Condos, Restaurants, anywhere you have an exposed piece of glass you're looking to shade.  

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