Solar Screen Rebate Example Austin

How much do solar screens cost with the rebate?

In this example the entire cost of the project was $10k for a savings of just over 65%. The entire project would have cost out at $28,000 dollars without the PowerSaver rebate. The Power Saver program through Austin Energy offers a huge savings and is only available while funding lasts. Taking advantage of the Power Saver program to upgrade to solar screens is easy with Affordable Screens & Glass.
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Austin Energy is offering the solar screen rebate through the PowerSaver program for a limited time, with limited funding so don't delay to take advantage of savings for a solar screen upgrade. Benefits of Solar Shading Screens From Austin Energy: Solar shading and window replacements save energy and increase comfort... They keep the heat out in the summer and inside during the winter. Solar screens offer UV protection against fading carpets, rugs and interiors.

Solar screens improve curb appeal

  • Block up to 80% of the sun
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Block UV rays
  • Increase daytime privacy
  • These rebates are for multifamily rental units only, to attain rebates for the rental office or common areas such as fitness rooms utilize the commercial solar shading rebates through the Austin PowerSaver program. Call Affordable Screens & Glass - 512-358-1560 an experienced solar screen rebate contractor.