Solar Screen: Circle C, Austin

Where: Circle C, Austin, Texas
When: June 2014
Type: Solar screen mix of Suntex 90% and 80% dark bronze

This home in the Circle C area of South Austin features a mix of solar screens. Solar screens of varying degrees of sun shading can be applied to different sections of the home so that windows, doors or patios get the desired amount of light filtration.

Solar screens allow you to choose the amount of light and heat energy that enter your home.

Phifer Suntex Solar Screen in Circle C, Bronze 80% windows with 90% above door

Phifer Suntex Solar Screen Circle C in Bronze

Question: Why mix varying degrees of shading on a home?
Answer: Not all windows need the same amount of shading, those on a Western or Southern exposure or high arched windows can benefit from denser solar screen mesh to cut the glare and heat.

Circle C Solar Screen View Window Details

A-phifer-suntex-dark-bronze-80-window-90-above-front-door- south-Austin-circle-C-061414

Suntex 80% solar screens in Circle C

SunTex 80% Bronze solar screen applied to home in Circle C, Austin, Texas. These Phifer 80% bronze solar screens are crafted from a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window.
Brand: Suntex
Manufacturer: Phifer
Model: 80
Product ID: 3007926

This Circle C homeowner chose the 80% solar screening product from Phifer for the view windows because it offers outward visibility while still shading the window, providing daytime privacy, screening for insects, and saving on summer cooling costs.

The darker color of this solar screen allows for a better view outward as well. Solar screens in lighter colors in the same density are harder to see out of. With this choice the homeowner protects his view windows and his view.

solar screen entry door

Phifer Suntex 90% solar screen in bronze above doorway

Circle C Solar Screen Entry Door & Arch Windows

SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window.
Brand: Suntex
Manufacturer: Phifer
Model: 90
Product ID: 3025984

Here the homeowner chooses the 90% bronze solar window screens from Phifer to shade the arched windows above the entry door.

The benefit to shading the high window with a denser solar screen is two-fold.

  1. Solar screens shade or filter light, they do not block the window entirely. With a blind or drapery the homeowner could achieve glare reduction from the interior of the home, but this typically negates the beauty of the window itself, instead displaying the drapery.
  2. Interior applications to the window like blinds or shades do not prevent the sun from heating the window and thus conveying that heat to the interior of the home. Solar screen represent the better choice for energy savings.

Choosing the right solar screen mesh

Choosing the right solar screen for your home can be difficult. There are varying degrees of shade offered dependent upon density, and esoteric choices to be made regarding color, and view preferences. Our solar screen page main page offers more information for further reading here:

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