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If you’re in need of a solar screen, screen door,  a custom screen porch or patio, roll up solar shades, or any type of screen installation then our guaranteed low price and quality will set Affordable screens and Glass apart from the competition. Screen material installation and repair for solar protection (solar screen), insect screens, window, patio and door screening products and services including rescreens services and screen repair.

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When searching for screens for your home or business, there are many options to choose from and screens come in different materials. The array of options can be confusing. Are you on the water? You might want bronze screens, looking for traditional home screens? The most common screen material is fiberglass mesh. Traditional old style screens are aluminum. Metals are more expensive, while newer woven mesh is more affordable.

Durable vinyl coated polyester mesh product originally designed for outdoor furniture provides shade, and keeps heat out of the house.
The cheapest screen type, won’t rust, looks good, isn’t as durable as metal, but still lasts for years and years.
The traditional screen, won’t rust, looks good, adds a silvery look to windows.
Resistant to salt, takes on a blueish to blackish cast as it ages.
Harder than copper, also resistant to salt, and keeps its color over time.
Stainless steel is the most expensive screening product. Won’t rust, stays shiny. Very shiny.

Whichever product you select your screens are custom hand crafted to fit your needs, whether it is a window, door or patio enclosure.

solar window screens installed Cedar Park Texas

Solar window screens Cedar Park Texas

Even pet screen doors are an option.

From the Owner:

I have been crafting screens to home and business needs in Austin as a small businessman since 2008.
Before that I worked in the same industry first as a helper, working my way up to manager.

Many businesses claim that only they can install or craft your custom screen to your satisfaction.

The Affordable Screens & Glass difference:
I guarantee I will craft your screen at comparable or better quality at a lower price.

People come to us for the quality screen work, and low price guarantee.

Screens let you enjoy the breeze while they keep you safe. The solar screen is a bug screen designed to provide shade and protect from the heat of the sun. The fiberglass screen is a great value option, and while not as durable as metal screens, they last for many years.

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Solar Screen

solarscreencolorsWe offer custom built solar screens at discount prices, with a quality guarantee and professional installation.

Affordable Screens & Glass installs the best solar screen fabric on the market for the best price – We guarantee it with our low price guarantee!

Utilizing a solar screen fabric will make your home or office much more comfortable in the summer months, increase the value of your home, and improve exterior aesthetics.

Installing an exterior solar screen product on an existing window is the best thing you can do to reduce summer electric bills. We have an entire page devoted to solar screens due to its popularity. If you are interested in reading more about the solar screen fabric, solar screen color options or seeing examples of our work throughout the area please visit our solar screen section of the website here:

Solar Screen Samples

It’s hard to determine the best fabric virtually, if you’d like to hold a sample of the fabric and are in our service area,  we’ll send you a free sample of the solar screen selections (pictured above)  via postal mail. Simple fill out the form below.

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Insect Screen

Bug screens keep you safe from disease carrying insects like the  mosquito and fly and allow us to enjoy our lovely Austin weather. With West Nile, Dengue Fever and with whatever other things bugs are carrying about these days it is more imperative than ever that we screen out insects. Solar screens, aluminum screens, vinyl coated fiberglass: keep out insects. So in that sense, every window screen is an insect screen. Some insect screens are more tightly woven and keep out smaller insects.


Specialty Screens for Small Insects

Bug Screen for Small InsectsCharcoal fiberglass screen tightly woven 20×20 mesh designed to keep out smaller flying insects.
Bug Screen Small InsectsSilver Grey fiberglass screen tightly woven 20×20 mesh designed to keep out smaller flying insects.

For smaller insects the recommended screen is a tightly woven 20×20 mesh known as NO-SEE-UM. It is designed to keep out smaller flying insects and while densely woven, this screen still allows ventilation and visibility. Plus, it provides some daytime privacy. We use Phifer’s fiberglass screening. It is woven from permanent glass yarn which has been coated with a protective vinyl ensuring lasting color and flexibility. Fiberglass screen is noncombustible and will not rust, corrode or stain.

Screen Repair

In many cases there is no need to purchase entirely new screens. At Affordable Screens & Glass we offer discount priced re-screens to fit any budget. Re-screens for your old window screens, patio or screen enclosure, allow you to replace only what is broken, and for smaller jobs can often be done in a short time on site.

A solar screen has the same properties as an insect screen and adds protection from the sun.

mosquito insect

insect screen

Whether it is solar, bronze or aluminum screening, copper or fiberglass the type of fenestration you choose is entirely up to you. Whatever your window, we provide the quality application at the lowest price – guaranteed.  We don’t make wild quality claims that no-one can do it better, we simply state that we provide you great quality and a guaranteed lower price. That is the Affordable Screens & Glass difference.

Keep the insects out with any of the screen products, or we have insects screens with a tighter weave that keep out even mettlesome gnats. Insect screens are great at night when the lights draw them near.

Bees are good for flowers but not in the house. Wasps like to build nests under our porches, screens keep them out and no-one wants to get bit by one of those big red ones. Insect screens for pool and patio prevent screaming, flailing and general ruckus when the inevitable large moth or june bug pesters the unsuspecting guest.

Without screens on our windows, doors and patios, we’d not be able to enjoy the breeze without some small animal intruding eventually, like birds or the neighbor’s cat… and wind borne debris like leaves and bits of grass. Solar screens add daytime privacy along with reducing the cost of cooling your home.

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Interior Solar Shades and Roll-up Shades

With blinds or shades it is either all or nothing.

roller shade

The beauty of interior screening and roller shades is that you do not block out the view. Screens allow you to control the amount of light you allow in, and the amount of view you want to enjoy while reducing glare and creating privacy.

Why choose Affordable Screens & Glass for your interior shading needs? Because we guarantee quality and low price.

We offer a wide variety of custom fit interior solar shades and roll-up shades. Whether you are trying to cover an exterior door, window, patio, or commercial window we can custom build a roll up solar shade for you. With 33 fabrics in over 300 unique fabrics Phifer is the largest producer of interior solar screening products. Here is a video below illustrating options for shading, reducing glare, and protecting your home with modern solar weaves for the interior of your home.

The video below demonstrates the many options available for interior sheer shading with Phifer products.

Just wanted to let you know that the Roll-Away Shades you installed look great. In fact, it looks much better than we anticipated…  Andrew and Teresa Lockford

Screen Door

cat tears screen door

Solution: pet resistant screen door

We stock a variety of standard and custom screen doors at discount prices to fit your needs.

Pet resistant screens are a popular option for screen doors with homeowners who have animals. Pets don’t understand the damage they do when the scratch at the screen wanting to get in or out. A solar screen door is another option also available in pet resistant mesh.

We have had our solar screens for over 3 years and the screens are everything you said they would be. We were concerned our two dogs (who love to jump and scratch) would tear the screens on the windows in the dog run area. There is not a mark or tear on any of the screens. Not only are your screens “dog proof”, but they have been great energy savers, especially with rising power costs.

Thank you for recommending these to us.
Mr. and Mrs. Clemens


Pet resistant screens are thicker and are harder to tear.

Pet resistant screens are available as a solar screen.

Whether it is shade from a solar screen, protection from small insects or pet resistance, you have many options when rescreening a screen door and whatever your screening needs, you can call upon Affordable Screens & Glass and we can help you with the screen to fit your lifestyle. Our quality and affordable pricing is guaranteed.

Solar Screen Doors, Pet Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Standard Exterior Doors, Storm Doors, Retractable Screen Doors. Whatever your door needs are we have you covered.


Screen Porches

If you are in need of a custom porch, screen addition or even a re-screen on an existing porch,  Affordable Screens & Glass services patios and porches with any of the screen selections above.

Our quality and low prices are guaranteed. That is the Affordable Screens & Glass difference. Call 512-358-1560 to discuss your patio or porch needs and schedule a free estimate.


If you would like to see some more examples of our screen porch build outs and re-screens or repairs these are located on our screen porch page which is here:

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