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  • Fogged glass repair
  • Broken windows
  • Custom window frame replacements and repair
  • Patio door frame repair and replacement
  • Closet door repair and replacement
  • Closet door mirrors and hardware

We locate hard to find window and door parts and hardware. Custom repair solutions for windows, doors and patio doors before considering replacement.


  • All types of window and door glass and repair specialization
  • Shower doors and bath enclosures
  • Safety glass
  • Specialty glass
  • Safety mirrors
  • Beveled mirror and trim
  • Custom wall mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Closet door mirrors

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heat gain and loss for Austin, TX

Heat gain and loss for Austin, TX

Window Maintenance =
Energy Dollar Savings

Windows are the weakest point in the home and the main source of heat gain and loss.

Double pane windows, maintaining seals and correcting issues, plus adding solar screens or sun shades adds savings year round.

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Thermal imaging reveals energy loss through windows in the image below.  (source:

thermal radiation heat loss


This image above shows the heat loss flowing through windows on a wintry day. Adding double pane windows puts space between the outside and the inside. This space helps prevent energy transfer from your home interior to the outside; adding up to summertime AC and  winter heating bill savings. Adding solar screens insulates windows too and is especially important for Austin and the surrounding areas. Solar screens are the most cost effective method to save energy dollars in our southern clime.  Read more about windows from The Department of Energy.

Window FAQ

  1. What is Low-E Glass?
    Answer: Low-E glass is a glass pane that is coated with an invisible metallic oxide. These windows reflect heat and allow light to pass through. The E in Low-E glass stands for emissivity.   Emissivity is the ability of a surface to emit energy by radiation.My windows emit radiation? What?Low-E means you have less radiation emitted (fewer excited atoms buzzing creating heat).With Low-E windows, less heat enters through the window because a  portion (30 to 50%) of the heat inducing light spectrum (near infrared & UV) is reflected back instead of absorbed by the window.
  2. How do windows become fogged inside?
    Answer: Double pane windows have a layer of air trapped between the two panes. Also within the window is a silica desiccant. Over time the silica that absorbs the moisture in the air between your double paned windows reaches its saturation point. Once the silica desiccant fails and can no longer remove the moisture from within the air space, the moisture builds between the panes of glass and appears as condensation.
  3. To repair or replace that is the question
    In most cases you’ll want to repair a window with spotty damage and replace a window with damage throughout.
  4. Planned Obsolescence and Part Availability
    Often we can find parts for older windows. There are some cases due to the myriad types of window models changing throughout the years, where a window may require replacement due to lack of repair parts availability. Planned obsolescence, or the manufacturer no longer being in business, may make it impossible to locate a random, very necessary, replacement part.

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