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Affordable Screens & Glass is your affordable, window glass and solar screen expert.

We specialize in solar screens and all things windows. With expert glaziers on staff we repair and replace windows and broken or foggy glass.
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Shading and Screening the Austin Area Since 2008
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I guarantee low pricing and quality.

Some state ONLY THEY can provide the quality to satisfy your needs.
I guarantee my quality will meet or exceed any installer AND I guarantee my low price.
PLUS, I back it up with a free estimate. - Rick Middleton, Owner Affordable Screens & Glass

Solar Screen, Screen, Patio, Window and Glass Services

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Solar Screens

solar window screens on home in Austin Tx

Solar screens in Austin

We specialize in making your Austin area home and outdoor living area comfortable by allowing you to control the heat and light you admit into your home, patio or outdoor area with solar screens. Solar screens are perfect for our area and I can't say enough about them.


Our wonderful Austin, is quirky and cool, but not in the temperature sense. Spring and fall are lovely, yet once the summer heat rolls in, the air conditioning struggles to keep up. The Austin area is famous for sunny days and our windows allow the sun's glare and heat inside. This is especially problematic in newer subdivisions where natural shade doesn't exist. Growing a shade tree takes years, save now with solar screens.

Before the solar screens, I kept my curtains closed all of the time.

Solar screens: enjoy the sun at a manageable level that you determine. Solar screens are also available for patio enclosures, as privacy screens, and for screened doors.


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Expert screen service for Austin and the surrounding areas with a free consultation. We measure your screens and provide expert advice regarding the latest mesh products for your window or screen door, patio, screen enclosure, and more. We do the screen work for you. We are the clear choice for installation and repair because we guarantee our low pricing and our quality.


We carry over 25 different screen color combinations.
Window screens don't have to be dull silver anymore. Whether you’ve got just a few windows that require re-screening or a full house that needs new screens we provide service for small or large jobs.

Sometimes I'd want to open my windows and I had this little hole in my screen. It was a bug magnet and so is my computer screen at night. Thank you for fixing my screens Affordable Screens & Glass, problem solved! - James in Round Rock.

Affordable screen repairs - no job too small.
Don’t let a torn screen or small hole allow disease carrying insects into your home or prevent you from opening your windows to enjoy the weather. Whether it is insect screens or pet resistant, solar, vinyl or aluminum check with Affordable Screens & Glass for a low price and high quality window screen repair or installation, guaranteed.

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window screen glass montage


Hail damage and window repair or replacement.
We offer hail damage repairs, glazing, beading, window removal and replacement. Re-open your view with a new affordable window or window repair including latches, locks and more. If your window needs repair or replacing in Austin TX or any of the surrounding areas, call for an onsite estimate and our low price guarantee.


Cloudy and Foggy Glass Repair
Windows offer us our view of the world from inside our homes. Our beautiful Austin TX weather and 300 days of sun is ready to cooperate. However, if your double paned high efficiency window loses its seal it will cloud up, offering the view of a foggy window instead.


High efficiency windows, double pane windows installed.
Windows in our homes increase our living space, let in natural light and also heat energy from the sun. Experts state that we lose about 48% of our summer cooling due to windows. Consider new high efficiency double paned insulated glass windows for your home or let us fix your old ones if they’ve lost the seal.

My foggy sliding glass door was keeping me from seeing the kids outside. I'd send them outside to play and I couldn't tell if they were fighting or just fooling around. I'm not sure why we waited so long to get it fixed, thank you for your excellent service. Lucinda - Austin, Texas

Sliding glass doors.
A sliding glass door that has clouded and become foggy reduces the view and makes the home dingy and dark. Cracked glass draws the eye to the glass door or window itself rather than opening to the view. Don’t live with a window or door in need of repair, call for a free consultation with Austin's affordable option.


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Austin glass service for new or broken glass, glass door, mirror, table, and more.

We work with plated glass, insulated glass, and tempered glass, cut to your custom requirements. We measure and replace glass with friendly professional courtesy, or provide glass to your specifications for custom install or repair. Just a small job like a broken patio table-top glass? We can help whether it is a commercial glass storefront or one glass window pane.


A large bathroom mirror is no problem, mirror panels and mirrors removed and installed. A corroded mirror is a common problem and is especially unattractive, somehow drawing the eye to that flaw in the glass instead of reflecting and increasing the apparent space of the bathroom.

In the masterbath the edge of the mirror drove me crazy for years where it had corroded. I got a few quotes and y'all were lower. My new (affordable!!) replacement looks great and I'm pleased with the work, and the care with the install. Jen C. - Austin, TX

Don’t let a cracked mirror give you years of bad luck, let us replace your chipped glass with new and give you the clear view you desire at an affordable price. Whatever your glass needs in the Austin metro area call Affordable Screens & Glass for a free consultation and low price, where we are the clear choice in Austin, guaranteed.


Call 512-358-1560 or schedule an appointment online



Create your shady porch or patio and enjoy an Austin sunny day.
We receive 300 days of sunshine per year according to the weather service, many a year we're outside in shorts in mid December. Enjoy our wonderful weather with a new screened in patio or porch.


Insect screens are a great choice for patios in our area as we are harassed by gnats, mosquitoes and sometimes small animals in our warm environment. We install all screens, traditional to budget with our quality guarantee. Solar screens are another optional patio installation that provide additional shade without obscuring your view, act as insect screens and add daytime privacy.

Enjoy a Sunday supper outdoors in your new patio or screened porch without batting flies away or flinching from bees desperate to swim in your lemonade.

screen enclosure with solar screens modern home Austin Tx

Whether screened or not a new patio design constructed to your needs will extended your living area outdoors increasing your total living space and provide a comfortable dining, seating or porch area to enjoy the temperate Austin weather rain or shine.


Patio custom screen repair, and replacement.
Your porch screens reduce the wind speed, becoming a wind screen plus protect from debris, insects and small animals, don't allow tears and rips to keep you inside. Enjoy Texas as the seasons change, inside the cozy cocoon of your screened in porch admiring nature’s display.


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solar window screens steet view

Solar screens in Cedar Park


Affordable Screens & Glass is the Austin glass, window, patio, window screen and solar screen specialist. High quality and low price guaranteed. We can solve your outdoor shade needs, reduce the incoming heat, shade your house and protect your outdoor living area.



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Solar Screen Solar screens address the issue that our windows are the most vulnerable source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Solar screens insulate windows and help keep the cool outside and the heat in. As winter approaches we experience great variations in temperatures. Solar screens help homeowners save by insulating windows any time of year, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter benefit from insulating solar screens.
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Window, Glass & Mirror Affordable Austin area glaziers: window repair and replacement. Call 512-358-1560 - emergency services available. Affordable Screens & Glass is the clear choice for quality, affordable glass services. Window bead repair, apartment glass products, full service window repair,  glass repair, and mirror replacement. Whether it is one pane of a broken window, storm door, or a fogged sliding glass door - we handle everything windows and glass.
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Porches & Patio Covers Enjoy the sun to the degree you prefer, or our lovely weather on the porch: let us help you make a cozy outdoor reading nook or party patio and add insect or solar screening protection with mesh and shade products. If you like the rain but not the wet we can help with a patio cover. Gusty wind isn't giving you a break - screens reduce gusts to breezes, for a back porch face-lift, a re-screen, or anything in between. Call for a free consultation: 512-358-1560
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